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Making a Difference In Your Child's Education

You need to know how your child learns. The Clarity Process pioneered by Advocate Action is a seven-step process that involves you, your child, and your school. It will potentially lead to a mutual understanding of what each person involved in your child's education can do to enrich your child's personal growth and learning experiences.

"Every Child Wants To Learn" - RCP

A Seven-Step Process

Let us introduce you our seven-step process. Each phase is carefully designed with you and your child in mind.

Advocate Action has expertise in most cognitive profiles including: Autism, Development Disabilities, Behavioral Challenges, Learning Disabilities, Dual Diagnosis, School Refusal, Learning Disorders, and Complex Profiles.

Initial Evaluation

We speak directly with you to determine if we can effectively address your child's needs. The more information we gather here, the better.

Records Review

We review all past school records and evaluations completed within the school system, as well as private documents that you have collected for your child. The records give us a clear understanding of your child's progress and we also look for legal issues or missed diagnoses that may be of concern. Sometimes we gather as much information and a truer picture of your child from what is not found in records.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Allow us to speak with your child and again with you, individually. You know your child best and will always be his or her best advocate. Your meeting will include discussions to:

  • Understand the issues from your perspective.
  • Interpret records to date.
  • Identify missing elements.
  • Explore legal implications of compliance.

The goals for our meeting with your child include:

  • Developing a rapport.
  • Ascertaining his or her perspective.
  • Solidifying the buy-in.
  • Reinforcing or eliminating previous opinions.

Classroom Observation

A classroom observation allows us to watch your child in his or her natural environment. We notice teaching methodology, your child's involvement in classroom activities, their behavioral reactions, and response to transitions. The observation serves as a diagnostic tool and the insight gained is used to develop classroom accommodations.

Written Report

A document will be generated, crystallizing the important points uncovered in our discovery process. If your student is old enough, and it is appropriate, we will also develop a document about their learning profile for them. This will give your child practical strategies to deal with certain situations he or she may face at school. When students understand how they learn they will be able to advocate for themselves in their educational environment.


You may request that we attend team meetings to provide the school with insight and become part of the planning process. We will work with the school to develop a learning plan that includes critical resources for the school to implement.

Typically, once your school district knows that we are coming from out-of-state, they take our presence and the process very seriously. They usually respect that you have done your research, and have decided to add a new member to the team to work with your child. Typical feedback from parents and school personnel is that they appreciate our involvement, and that we bring clarity to the process. We have a national perspective gained from our experience around the country, and often our ideas are new to a district.

  • Team Meetings
  • BSEA Meetings
  • Consultations With School
  • IEP Development
  • Records Review
  • Communication With Providers & Teachers

Legal Suggestions

We are not attorneys, but do have an intimate understanding of federal regulations including the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Your child's right to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment is guaranteed. Let us assist you with appropriate legal steps as required by law.