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Understanding the Educational Issues That Matter

Let Advocate Action help with a hands-on approach to learning that gets results. We'll get to the central issues about your child that may have previously evaded you and the experts surrounding your child.

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The Clarity Process

You'll be so pleased with our method of getting to the heart of your child. We call it, The Clarity Process and it is both creative, and pragmatic. We have expertise in diagnosis, team meetings, due process rights, public and private school special education programming, and Individual Educational Plans.

Active Listening

We provide an active listening approach that is personalized with recommendations and interventions based on our extensive expertise in the interpretation of testing, intervention recommendations, and intervention follow-through.

Allow us to learn what is important to you and your child as we aspire to social and academic success. We'll develop a plan to work with your child's school. We cut through the jargon, test results, and preconceived notions. To put it simply, we strive to get your child unstuck and on track.

The Clarity Process provides parents, children, and schools, with a true and practical understanding of how a student learns, to assist in their growth and integration into the world.

We speak with you and your child to form a picture of your child and pathway to open communication. We ask the child questions and engage him or her in conversation. This offers valuable insight into student learning styles, intelligence, disabilities, and challenges.

We uncover obstacles, goals, and fears. The information typically correlates with testing results in a way that explains challenges in terms that can be understood by their school.

Our process enables you to step back from the emotional aspects of dealing with educators. Our advocates representing your child bring insight, experience, and credibility to the educational team.

You and your child will feel relieved to understand how learning can be easily accomplished. Many children will now see college or post-secondary training as a very real possibility.